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Our online platform has been designed to save businesses time and money, giving you secure access to supported currencies to maximize your profits. From the purchase of stationery in a foreign airport through to large inventory orders from offshore suppliers, your GT Wallet does it all, putting you in direct currency control while transparently showing you market rates. Use your accounts with no hidden bank fees or transfer costs.

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Global Trade Wallet was created by experts in global trade who understand the need for power and flexibility when managing offshore accounts for business. We’ve designed GT Wallet through a business based understanding of the benefits of easier, faster and more frequent international transactions, made in real-time.

Our system transforms the manual nature of the global money exchange industry, offering multiple benefits to your business via smart and nimble technology, less agent / customer contact and smaller transaction fees. In 2019 we understand that businesses need to operate in a global marketplace.

GT Wallet is your powerful currency exchange gateway for doing international business.

Access for business, anywhere in the world.

With GT Wallet you become part of a global community of businesses who trade with the freedom to move money without limits.

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Set up is simple, fast and free. Just 4 steps to start making international currency transfers.