Free to set up and with one transparent fee per
transaction you can put the profit back in your wallet.

Ditch the banks and
their fees. Take the
power back!

We put you in control, with no limits, no hidden costs and no mark ups, just a small transparent fee for your transaction.

Our fees are presented in Singapore Dollars which convert at your transaction’s exchange rate and are displayed to you before the transaction is undertaken – you know first what your transaction will cost you.

The fine print
• We pay the fees our bank charges us to transfer your funds
• The bank you are sending money to may charge additional fees
• Our fixed fee is charged in Singapore dollars

Fee Structure (AUD) Fixed Fee Transfer Fee
2,000 – 100,000 0.60% $20.00
100,001 – 200,000 0.50% $20.00
200,001 – 700,000 0.40% $20.00
700,001 – 1,500,000 0.30% $20.00
1,500,001 – 2,500,000 0.20% $20.00

* All fees are listed in Singapore Dollars (AUD)

Your Personal Currency Exchange

Your free GT Wallet gives you access to over 20 supported foreign currencies,
allowing you to spend, send, and receive international money using market rates.


Images in the above screenshots show some of the functionality available in the GT Wallet portal. Some elements may vary from actual experience as it evolves.

Your GT Wallet® is calling.

Set up is simple, fast and free. Just 4 steps to start making international currency transfers.