What are my obligations? Our Client Agreement

Individuals who are transacting privately, as a sole proprietor of a business, as an individual trustee of a trust or as a partner of a general partnership, or if you are representing a company or other statutory body, you will need to enter into a Client Agreement.

AquireFX Master Client Agreement

What product am I buying? Our Product Disclosure Statement

The Global Trade Wallet Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) sets out:

  • Fees for our foreign exchange and money transfer product
  • Benefits of our product
  • Risks of foreign exchange transactions
  • Significant characteristics of our product

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What service am I getting? Our Financial Services Guide

The Global Trade Wallet FSG includes information about:

  • who will provide the service;
  • the kinds of financial services offered;
  • who the service provider is acting for when providing the financial service;
  • how we and our partners get paid; and
  • any potential conflicts of interest we may have.

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Money Laundering Statement

Global Trade Wallet (SG) Pte Ltd (“GTW”) must follow the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Laws in Singapore.

Singapore’s AML/CTF legislation aligns with international standards. Standards designed to prevent, detect and report on money laundering, and terrorism financing. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) regulates Singapore’s AML/CTF legislation.

GTW’s AML/CTF compliance program meets the legislative requirements on us. Our AML/CTF compliance officer manages our compliance program. Making sure we keep to our Internal Policy and Principles (“IPP’s”), detailed below.

Global Trade Wallet Policy and Principles

The GTW policy is to comply with high standards of anti-money laundering (AML) practice in all markets and jurisdictions in which it operates, and to comply with both the specific provisions and the spirit of all relevant laws and regulations. This policy applies not only to money laundering related to the proceeds of crime, but also to terrorist financing, and all references to money laundering in the GTW Money Laundering Policy and Principles (“MLPP’s”), which include terrorist financing.

This policy reflects the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) 40 Recommendations to combat money laundering and the 9 Special Recommendations to counter terrorist financing. The MLPP’s set minimum standards and apply to all staff of GTW. The following are the main elements of the policy:

Customer Due Diligence

Before doing business with any prospective customer, appropriate customer due diligence (“CDD”) is required to be undertaken and recorded. The CDD process comprises (a) the identification and appropriate verification of identity of the customer (and, where different, beneficial owner) and any other relevant parties and (b) additional and appropriate Know Your Customer (“KYC”) information, applying a risk-based approach.

  • A prospective customer’s identity will be obtained and verified using reliable, independent documentary and/or electronic source material. GTW will screen customers against lists of terrorist and sanctioned names issued by the relevant local authorities.
  • Appropriate KYC information is required to be obtained by GTW prior to opening an account, and updated on a regular basis during the business relationship. KYC information includes, but is not limited to, appropriate personal, business, and financial details about the customer, details on the purpose and intended nature of the business relationship, including anticipated transactional activity.

Global Trade Wallet’s Statement on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing

In no circumstances will accounts be operated or relationships established for anonymous customers or in obviously fictitious names or for a shell bank as defined by the FATF.

Identification of Suspicious Transactions

In no circumstances will accounts be operated or relationships established for anonymous customers or in obviously fictitious names or for a shell bank as defined by the FATF.
Monitoring of transactions and account activity are undertaken by GTW. Transactions and account activity involving customers regarded as high risk are the subject of enhanced monitoring.

Reporting of Suspicious Transactions

The Company has procedures in place so that any transactions and/or activities which are believed to be suspicious are reported to MAS.

Maintaining Records

Adequate records are maintained to demonstrate that appropriate and ongoing CDD procedures have been followed, and to reconstruct transactions. These records are maintained for at least 5 years after the relationship has ended or after the date of the transaction, or such longer period as required by local law or regulation.

Payment Screening

To comply with sanctions and with lists of known or suspected terrorists issued by the UN and by Local Authorities, GTW is required to ensure that payments are subject to real time pre-execution screening and against any other sanctions/lists issued by Local Authorities. Appropriate action will be taken when a positive match has been established.


Global Trade Wallet is required to provide all staff who may be involved in customer business with suitable and timely induction training and refresher training to ensure that they understand GTW’s approach to money laundering deterrence. Staff will receive appropriate training to enable them to understand the money laundering techniques and to remind them of their personal responsibilities.

Dealing in Cash

For GTW to further reduce the risk that our service could be used for money laundering or other criminal purposes, GTW does not deal in cash at all. We will not accept the settlement of your transaction in cash, by cheque or by credit card. All money is received and remitted by us electronically.

We will also not accept you as a client until we are satisfied that you are who you say you are. Furthermore, we reserve the right at any stage to refuse to process your transaction if you fail to provide us with satisfactory information or, if information you have provided to us subsequently appears to be misleading, incorrect or false.



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